​Becoming a Texas High School Swimming Official - we need you!

Swim meets require officials such that they are run smoothly, fairly and safely. This year, like a lot of things lately, the swim season may well be a little different due to the impact of COVID-19. However, one thing remains in that we always need parents to step up and volunteer to be a swim official. So whether you have prior swim officiating experience or not, please give some thought to following the process below and sign up. The process is relatively straightforward and involves registering, attending a clinic (optional) and passing a test.

1. Registration. Simply follow this link to do this. It costs $30 (which is less than prior years) and you will get a hard copy of the rule book. Once I have a list of those who have registered, I will be distributing the hardcopy rulebooks. I am working on that just now and will let you know once I have it figured out. Registration will close at midnight, 10/31.


2. Attend the clinic. This year, being covid affected, I'm going to give the clinic online. I'm also ONLY going to recommend you attend the clinic if you are a new official or have no prior high school officiating experience or would simply like a refresher. So if you are a seasoned returning high school official, there is really no benefit in you attending the clinic (however you may attend if you'd like!). During the clinic I will cover: becoming a Texas High School Swimming Official, what is TISDO and using www.tisdo.org, registration and testing, the strokes basics, new rules and rule emphasis for this season and covid-19 recommended best practices and modifications. Would also recommend that if you are attending the clinic, that you not take the officials test until afterwards. Clinic will be held on Tuesday September 29th at 6:30pm. Sign up for the clinic using the link below.


3. The test. It's 50 questions, many of which will be covered during the clinic or can be found in the rule book. 80% pass grade and you get 5 tries. What could be easier. However it must be completed by 10/31 and there are no excuses (in fact I'd recommend getting it done at least 2 days before the deadline to avoid any disappointment). I would also recommend purchasing the rule book online so that you can read it on your phone, pc or tablet. It's $6.99 and it's searchable!! Link below....


If you have questions or need anything, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Matt Sale


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